Chicken Cordon Bleu Crescents

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As our lives have gotten ever busier, and we have become more conscious of food quality and nutrition, new dishes have come up that are quicker, easier, more cost effective and lighter than in the past. Try these Chicken Cordon Bleu Crescents, a twist on a heavy and rich chicken dish, and see if your family doesn’t clamor time and again for you to serve it for dinner.

This recipe uses some convenience foods to help get the ball rolling on this dish, making it quick to pull together when schedules are busy and people are on the run. It is a great recipe to also serve at room temperature and to take as an eat-along food, so on nights when people are running in and out, these can sit on the counter to be picked up as a dinner-snack when a sit-down meal just is not in the offing. Of course sit down dinners are great, and we love to catch up with our families when we do that, but sometimes that just is not possible. When that is the case in your house, during football season, hockey season, gymnastics or track and field (well, we could go on forever, couldn’t we!) this snack is a balanced bit of nutritious meat, cheese and carbohydrates that will go a long way to feeding your household.

The original chicken cordon bleu is a rather complicated affair that requires some time to serve and prepare. It uses chicken, prosciutto, Swiss cheese and similar ingredients to the quick crescent version here, but follows the classic method of pounding the chicken and stuffing it, then frying and baking it. The whole dish is then often served with a white wine sauce that is made with cream and, well, white wine. It is awfully delicious and well worth the time to make it when you have the time and energy. In the meantime, this recipe is a pretty hearty choice!

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