Chicken Cordon Bleu Lasagna

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The word "Lasagna" is like music to the ears. This favored dish was one of my own personal dishes and I would be asked to supply 'Mamma's Lasagna' for many family dinners. The dish I had mastered was the recipe that included lean ground beef, fresh spinach, and cottage cheese along with many other yummy ingredients.

One of the greatest things about preparing lasagna is that it will feed a crowd, and you can easily double the batch, so you get to have leftovers!

Making lasagna is a bit of time-consuming process, and you use two to three cooking vessels for the cooking process so why not enjoy it and make extra. That has always been my policy. Plus, everyone wants the leftovers! My strategy for lasagna meals is usually to make them up in the morning or the day before. There is always quite a few pots and pans to wash. By preparing ahead, you get the mess out of the way and it kind of gives you a day or two off of the actually preparation process. The leftovers in my house are always done up in portion size packages, so they are easy to freeze as well as pack in lunches.

The featured recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu sounds like a wonderful alternative to the traditional lasagna. This recipe layers the pasta, chicken and ham with a tasty sauce and cheese. If you are craving chicken cordon bleu, this sure sounds like an easy alternative to offer some of the flavors you may be seeking. I can well imagine that children would love this meal as pasta and chicken go hand in hand for those picky pallets. This would be a recipe that would be perfect for a get-together with friends. You could get all the prepping done ahead of time and just pop it in the oven before serving. Imagine how tasty this would be with a crispy fresh green salad and baby tomatoes! YUM.

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