Chicken Enchilada Roll Ups

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Sometimes the best chicken recipes also happen to be the easiest ones to make during family mealtime. Like for instance, this recipe for Chicken Enchilada Roll Ups is a perfect meal in itself or even as an appetizer. The ingredients are tossed together in delicious Mexican seasoning and then rolled in tortillas and cut into tiny rolls like how you cut sushi. They make a wonderful presentation at parties too. You can pre-make these roll ups and freeze them for later as well. Everything that’s thrown into this recipe is fresh like the cilantro, minced garlic, fresh tomatoes, onions etc. and seasoned with delicious Mexican taco spices. Making healthy homemade recipes is like having the license to indulge guilt-free because they’re free from all the unwanted preservatives and sodium. Also, the food tastes so much better when you make it at home rather than eating a takeout or at a fast food joint. There is a good amount of protein in this recipe from the chicken and the dairy ingredients. You can also add other cheeses of your choice like feta, mozzarella, Swiss cheese to these enchiladas to up the taste a bit more just like the restaurant style. This dish is also a fun recipe for a picnic or potluck, and everyone's going to love it. They make for great appetizers on your party menu too.

This recipe uses rotisserie chicken, but you can also use chicken breasts or thighs or any other meat of your choice if you want. If using the chicken breast, make sure to cook it to just the right temperature so that it does not end up dry. Chicken breast is highly susceptible to losing moisture sooner than you know. Therefore, the most important thing about cooking a chicken breast is to cook it until it's tender, and the key to doing that is not to overcook it whatsoever. The trick to cooking chicken breast perfectly for any recipe is to cook it on the lowest heat setting until done. To cut down the calories, you can use whole wheat or corn tortillas in the place of white flour ones. For more nutrition, add veggies like mushrooms if you wish or diced bell peppers for a little crunch. You could also throw in some black or red kidney beans for extra protein.

Always practice hygiene and safe methods of handling chicken to prevent food poisoning. Did you know you can avoid 80 percent of food-borne diseases just by handling meat the safe way? The best way to keep the bacteria out of your surroundings and kitchen is by sanitizing your hands using soap that is antibacterial. Always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling meat. If possible immediately clean the kitchen surroundings including the sink and countertops after you have finished working with meat. To prevent salmonella, never leave the meat at room temperature under any circumstance but instead refrigerate or freeze it.

Thank you to Christy Denney at The Girl Who Ate Everything recipe blog for sharing this yummy Chicken Enchilada Roll Ups Recipe with us. For more healthy dinner ideas, do check out Christy’s blog where she shares some of the best chicken recipes. Healthy dinner ideas don't have to be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, cooking healthy homemade recipes are all about having access to the right ingredients. A good cook knows that it's all about changing it up and trying new variations in your cooking style. This Chicken Enchilada recipe is healthy and doesn’t need a reason to indulge. Try making it for loved ones today!

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