Chicken Fajita French Bread Salad

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So this recipe offers an open faced sandwich sort of approach to a fajita, using French bread to pile on and hold all the yummy ingredients; thus, the name Chicken Fajita French Bread Salad—in case you were struggling to put all the parts of this recipe name together! This recipe will make a terrific lunch dish, or could be a light dinner recipe. Either way, it is full of great homemade aspects that will add tremendous flavor and taste to the meal.

Using bread to hold an entire meal has regained popularity in recent years. In ancient times, bread was often shaped in to a bowl configuration to hold stews and soups. Once the meal was eaten the bread was broken up and eaten, too, leaving a clean table and no dishes beyond a spoon. What a great way to eat! If only we could convince our kids! In any event, that is how this dish is served, with everything piled into the bread and then baked to a crispy, melt-y, yummy fajita.

This recipe offers great seasonings that you put together yourself and you just know that always means a fresher and more pungent taste in the meal. The chicken can be bought precooked to save plenty of kitchen time and effort on your part. And the dish will still taste great. Try this dish soon, whether you serve it for lunch, as a light dinner, or even a large, late night snack. Served as a snack, people could just pull off chunks of the bread loaded with chicken, cheese and other good stuff, and eat it up. Great communal sharing of food is always loads of fun. Enjoy this soon.

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