Chicken Francaise

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If you don't like cooking chicken breast because it has a tendency to dry out if overcooked, try this chicken Francaise recipe. This chicken dish consists of pounding chicken breasts into thinner pieces so that they cook faster and more evenly, and then they are coated in a flour mixture, and finally, beaten eggs. The coating locks the juices into the chicken so that it doesn’t dry out during cooking. This chicken recipe comes from How To Feed A Loon recipe blog, which is owned by Wesley and Kris. These two insist that the exterior coating of egg gives the chicken an excellent texture. Plus, this chicken breast recipe has a delicious, buttery sauce to drizzle over the top.

This breaded chicken recipe would be excellent for an easy meal through the week but is perfectly elegant to serve to company as well. The chicken comes together quickly by placing the flour mixture into a zip top bag, adding the chicken and shaking until coated. The chicken also takes only minutes to cook, which is excellent if you have to feed people in a hurry. The one part about this chicken dish that may be challenging is that you can only cook two pieces at a time, but there is a good reason. If you add more, you will bring down the temperature of the pan, and the chicken will not brown. If you want your chicken a little faster, you could heat two skillets so that you can cook double the batch at the same time. This chicken recipe can be made ahead, though, which can make life easier when serving company or get quick and easy meals on the table on a weeknight. Simply make the chicken a couple of hours ahead and rewarm in the oven, so the chicken retains its crispy exterior.

As far as easy chicken breast recipe go, this chicken Francaise is a step up, because it takes humble chicken up a notch by adding a crispy coating and lemony white wine sauce. The best part about the sauce is that it is prepared in the same skillet the chicken was cooked in, so you get to pick up all the flavorful browned bits left behind, which in turn becomes part of the sauce. This chicken recipe would be delicious served alongside potatoes and blanched green vegetables but would be equally delicious over pasta. Once the sauce is prepared, simply add to the sauce in the skillet and toss until combined. You could stir in some spinach to wilt at the very end.

Easy and delicious dinner recipes are all you need to get supper on the table at the height of the week. Once you have made this dish, it will become a part of your repertoire for weeks to come. What’s more, it will entice you to try more chicken breast recipes, since this version creates moist, tender chicken rather than the dried out version in other recipes. Thank you to Kris and Wesley, the author of How To Feed A Loon recipe blog, for sharing their chicken Francaise recipe with us.

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