Chicken Fried Steak

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Here is an entire dinner devoted to creole cooking, and a superb way for you and your family to try this delicious method of spicing your meals, if you have not had it before. This meal is not simply chicken fried steak, but an entire meal including steak, potatoes, and corn, all with great Cajun gravy, and all prepared with the wonderful combination of spices that make up creole cooking.

The holy trinity, as it is called, of Cajun cooking is the combination of onions, peppers and celery. When it is made with garlic, it is known as the holy trinity and the pope, a perhaps irreverent reference, but one that tells you a little bit about how seriously Cajun cooks take their spicing. Here, the spicing is equally adventuresome, at least for an ordinary cook who might only dabble in it. But try this combination and do not stint on the variety or quantity of the seasonings that make up the dishes. They all play an important role, and the flavors will come together in unbelievable harmony when you eat them. Of course, steak, corn and potatoes are probably delicious any way you make them, but this just adds a great kick to the meal. Try it soon.

This chicken fried steak is surprisingly decadent without being overly laden with fats. True, the steak is fried, but an occasional fried food is perfectly okay for the average food plan. Make it once in a while when you want some thing that is super satisfying for the palette. That might be a way to describe all Cajun cooking, from the sweet to the savory, super satisfying on the tongue and pleasurably filling for the stomach. This is truly food at its very best. Try some of it soon. You may be cooking Cajun for a long time to come. Book mark the recipe and do not let many days pass before cooking up some of this cajun chicken fried steak. Enjoy.

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