Chicken Gyros

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Who does not enjoy a gyros, and in this particular recipe, the great twist of preparing a Chicken Gyros? This Greek food has taken North America by storm, with entire restaurants devoted to making only the gyros. The original sandwich or wrap combines lamb that is deeply seasoned, then slowly roasted, before being finely sliced and wrapped in Greek bread (a pita) and smothered in tzatziki sauce, as well as plenty of veggies. The flavors in this sandwich are fabulous, blending garlic, olive oil, lemon and vinegar in an aromatic seasoning of tangy yogurt and sometimes, ground sesame seed, to create a rich and delicious lunch. They are also healthy ingredients. Olive oil is one of the best oils to use and garlic packs anti-oxidants that are critical to good health. This is a balanced meal to serve, too.

This sandwich is very filling because of the meat and sauce as well as veggies that get piled on the pitas before they are wrapped and served to you. You can serve these for lunch, and they will fill every one who eats them. They are easily also robust enough for dinner. As well, this dish is great for serving a crowd. All of the components can be set out—including the pitas, meat, tzatziki, and various veggies so people can pick and choose their favored combinations.

This is a great sandwich, and introducing the twist of chicken for the meat is a terrific idea. For those people who do not want to eat or do not enjoy either lamb or beef or a blend of the two, chicken will be a welcome alternative. These do not take much effort to make, and produce a flavorful and filling sandwich. Make them soon for you and your family. They will certainly become a favorite.

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