Chicken in Basil Cream Sauce

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Do you love a crunchy fried chicken recipe? How about a flavorful cream sauce made with the one and only 'basil'. This recipe from 'Fav Family Recipes' is the perfect meal to serve to a picky family as there will be few who complain! The chicken is started by pan crusting in it bread crumbs mixed with Italian seasoning, and then topped with a warm and rich cream sauce made of whipping cream, basil, parmesan cheese and pepper.

Since this recipe requires that you flatten out the chicken, here are some quick tips on easy chicken flattening:

1. Start off by cutting the breast in half length-wise so that the pieces are thinner to start with. Then put each piece in a heavy duty ziploc bag and then I pound with a meat mallet.

2. If you do not have a mallet, some people use the bottom of a heavy sauce pan and give it a good whack. Be gently with this 'whack' if you have delicate counter tops.

3. Other people roll the chicken out with a wine bottle, which is easy to wash later. This apparently gives a very flat chicken.

4. Zip-top bags and plastic produce bags hold up better to pounding than plastic wrap and eliminate splatter. A bit of water makes a big difference. You can also sprinkle the chicken with water, covers it with plastic, and sprinkles the plastic with water before pounding.

Now back to this delicious recipe from Fav Family Foods. Head on over to the link below for the full recipes for this yummy flattened, fried chicken with basil cream sauce.

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