Chicken Lazone

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This recipe for Chicken Lazone produces a lush and rich dish that will serve up wonderfully well with noodles or potatoes (especially if you leave the skins on for a more robust flavor). It is simple and quick to make and can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. It is worth making according to the recipe directions using butter and cream and not substituting something with less fat. The fat in this recipe is, in large part, what gives the dish its flavor. Although it is simple to make, the seasonings and cream will make this dish taste as though you have fussed over it for a long time.

Chicken is great meat, and one that many vegetarians may sometimes choose to eat when they visit you for dinner. You can even choose to buy free-range chicken and ones that have been raised without hormones or other growth enhancers. These birds have hopefully been raised in better circumstances and treated better than birds raised in entirely industrial settings. This recipe calls for chicken tenders, but you could buy and cut up an entire chicken. If you have never done that before, it is a fascinating experience to learn the physiology of the animal or bird that you are eating, and how to butcher it.

This dish is chicken made with cream and butter along with other special seasonings. It yields a filling meal because of the cream, and one that every one will really enjoy. It is quick and easy to make so even your new family cooks can try this one. Serve it with noodles or potatoes and some steamed greens or a great tangy salad made with fresh lemon to offset the heavy and rich flavor of the cream. Enjoy this dish soon.Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Plain Chicken.

Nutrition Facts for: Chicken Lazone From Plain Chicken
Ingredients: Salt, chili powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, chicken tenders, butter, heavy cream.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for servings. * Per Serving: Calories 501, Calories from Fat 304, Total Fat 33.8g 52%, Saturated Fat 17.2g 86%, Cholesterol 210mg 70%, Sodium 401mg 17%, Potassium 430mg 12%, , Dietary Fiber 0.4g 2%, Sugars 0.6g, Protein 45.0g, Vitamin A 23%, Vitamin C 2%, Calcium 6%, Iron 11%

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