Chicken Lombardy

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Thank you to Tiffany at Crème De La Crumb blog site for this chicken Lombardy recipe. This is not your regular chicken recipe, and once you make this dish, you will wonder why you have never cooked it before. This Chicken Lombardy recipe is easy to make and with less than an hour of prep and cooking time you will WOW the diners, and you won’t be worn out in the process.

The Lombardy region of Italy is usually known for dishes with pork, rice and butter or lard based themes and this Lombardy chicken recipe follows that trend, it is based in a butter sauce that is more prevalent in Austria and central Europe. The majority of Italian dishes are usually based in olive oil or tomato sauce. Being in the area of Italy bordered by France and Switzerland it is not hard to imagine how this chicken recipe might have made its way into Italy via France. France has many chicken themed recipes that include butter as the base for the sauce. That being said it just goes to prove that when people emigrate to other regions, beside their belongings, many delicious recipes find their way travelling as well.

Tiffany of Crème de la Crumb is a self-taught cook and food aficionado. She loves simple and easy to cook recipes and this Lombardy Chicken recipe fits the bill. The preparation and cooking time is under an hour so she helps to get you out of the kitchen and able to sit back and relax while the final stage of the cooking is done in the oven

Many of the sauces from this region of Italy call for butter in the recipes but you can always use low fat butter and when coating the chicken breasts with flour you can substitute regular flour for an organic whole wheat based one. The beauty of this wonderful chicken recipe is the aroma and taste from the Marsala wine that is incorporated into the sauce. Marsala is a sweet type of wine and if you have never tasted it before you are in for a pleasant surprise. The Marsala gets infused into the mushrooms and once the chicken is added to the mix and gets finished off in the oven the smells that waft from the oven are to die for.

This specific Lombard chicken recipe calls for a heaping helping of both mozzarella and parmesan cheese to cover the top and get melted and create a beautiful gooey coating that is sure to please. The mozzarella can be low fat, and the parmesan can also be of a low-fat type that is easy to find in most major supermarkets. Lombardy chicken made from this recipe will have your diners feeling they are in Italy and don’t be surprised if someone gets up and says, “that’s amore”, because this recipe is sure to delight. After you check out this chicken recipe, be sure also to have a look at the double chewy chocolate chip recipe on the site that promises double the goodness!

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