Chicken Marsala

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Experience this delicious Chicken Marsala recipe and see why that wine is so often called for in different dinner recipes. Marsala is a dry or sweet wine that is plenty rich in flavor. In this chicken marsala recipe, a big two thirds of a cup of the marsala wine is called for. That means this wine will add plenty of flavor punch to this dish. Do not be concerned about the alcohol in the wine, of course. That will burn off when you cook with the wine, leaving only its robust flavor behind in the meat and veggies. So enjoy working with this wine.

This chicken marsala recipe also calls for pancetta, Italian bacon. It is made from pork and cured in the same way that North American bacon is made and prepared. It is often slightly spicier and more flavorful than bacon, and is favorite meat to serve with anti-pasta dishes or to add to dishes such as chicken in order to add a kick of flavor to the dish. Here, in this chicken marsala recipe, the combination of the marsala wine along with the pancetta, will create a flavor duo that you and your family will really enjoy. There are quite a few ingredients in this recipe, although it is not a difficult one to make or pull together. It is also a fairly quick recipe, all things considered. Still, it might be useful to pull all of the ingredients that you need out of the fridge and cupboard and line them up so that you know you have what you need, and you know what order you will need to add them in to your dish. This process or method, invented by the French, is known as mise en place. This method simply helps the cook to keep track of the ingredients and to ensure that all of them get put in to the recipe, and none get left out or forgotten. You can use this same cook’s trick to ensure that you get everything in to this dish.

This is a relatively quick dish to make, especially once you have all of the ingredients ready to go. It will pack big flavor from the pancetta as well as the marsala wine, so do not forget or leave out either one of these very important ingredients to this recipe. Be sure to use shallots and not onions since shallots impart a much softer and more tender flavor. You can use regular salt rather than kosher without any concerns over altering the flavor in this big dish. Serve this dish over either noodles or rice. A brown rice would taste delicious with this recipe, although everyone enjoys pasta.

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