Chicken Pad Thai

Photo Credit: Cooking Classy

Who can resist a good Pad Thai, I know I sure love some Thai food, and this Chicken Pad Thai looks amazing! Thai food is awesome, it is not only really flavourful, but usually uses all natural ingredients in it's cooking. If you have ever been to a Thai restaurant, you will know that they serve a lot of vegetables and lean meats with rice or noodles, and always a nice salad to start usually. The flavours of Thai food are often like a sweet and spicy or sweet and salty combination and they use a lot of peanuts in their cooking.

This Chicken Pad Thai was created by the author of the food blog called Cooking Classy, and is a great looking dish that seems pretty simple to make. The author says that she likes her Pad Thai a little more westernized, so this one has no tamarind, which authentic Thai recipes sometimes have in them. She created it with the authentic seasonings, but just more tailored to her pallet. That is the beauty of cooking at home, you can always tweak the recipe to your liking, if you don't dig the spiciness too much, you can always tone it down or take out the peanuts if you are allergic.

There are tons of great Thai recipes and Pad Thai is definitely an awesome one! There is also free curry which is amazing, and some great peanut satay dishes that are really good as well. Thai food is generally pretty healthy in that they use fresh, plant based, natural foods in their recipes, and usually don't over cook the vegetables, but cook them just perfectly. If you are nervous to try Thai food at a restaurant, maybe try making this dish at home, it can help to ease you in and familiarize you with the flavours! Head over to 'Cooking Classy' by following the link in the section below for more!

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