Chicken Paprika

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Thank you Nikki of 'Chef In Training' for the Chicken Paprika recipe. This recipe is from Nikki’s Mom’s repertoire, and she is confident everyone who tries it will love it. The sauce is the piece de resistance says Nikki and her recipe makes it easy to cook and takes the guesswork out of the equation. Nikki has been inspired by her Mom as many cooks have and she is kind enough to make us privy to the home cooked goodness that Moms around the world have been serving for millennia.

Chicken Paprika has been a staple dish in Hungary for many years and it has inspired many cooks to give their own unique take on this dish. Paprika the main spice in this recipe is used in many dishes made in the kitchens in Hungary. It goes by the name Chicken Paprikash in Hungary and it has paprika infused into the roux that gives the smoky flavor to this cozy comfort food. Nikki takes us to Hungary and we don’t have to leave the privacy of our own home. Her take on this chicken recipe does not vary much from the traditional recipe but it does request you make mashed potatoes for the side. The most common sides used to accentuate this dish is egg noodles, something we see a lot of when making goulash or ratatouille. With a wonderful chicken and sauce dish like this mashed potatoes are a wonderful way to allow you to sop up the rich sauce while giving the opportunity to flavor the mashed potatoes with roasted garlic or fried onions. The beauty of chicken recipes with sauce is that it opens the door to side dishes that are common to the area where the cook is from and allows for much flexibility.

Chicken breasts are used for this chicken paprika recipe and when cooking chicken that will go into a sauce to complete the cooking process, we can be sure to be safe and not dry out the breast

which happens a lot when cooking chicken breast on their own or grilling them. Chicken Paprika can be frozen and has a long freezer life due to the sauce that helps the freezing process and also

keeps the chicken moist when reheating. You can even take the breast and butterfly cut them to make your portions look bigger or you can cut them in half and get more bang for your dollar.The breasts can be coated with a light coating of flour and quickly pan fried to lock in the flavor and if you pat dry them after the light fry you can get as much oil off of them as possible to limit the oiliness of the sauce. Nikki and her Chicken Paprika recipe follows the tried and tested way which chicken breasts have been cooked in sauce for many years and her Mom’s inspiration provides us with a taste of Hungary and a comfort food preparation which she feels will become a go to recipe in your repertoire. Bon Apetit.

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