Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers

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Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers are a great twist on the classic chicken pot pie, but shaped as a turnover. So all the great flavor that we know and love with chicken pie is there, but in a crescent shape, and one that is easy to hold and eat. It is hard to decide whether this shape is a welcome change or not. Chicken pot pie is so fantastic made up in individual dishes already; can it be even more fun to have it as a crescent you can hold in your hand? Well, it is a fun variation that you can try and see for yourself. Let your family decide which shape they prefer. My guess is that they will like both, and want both for different reasons.

This recipe for chicken pot pie is fabulous. It has all the classic ingredients, like the peas, and of course, the chicken (!). This turnover filling is spiced nicely and made rich and more delicious by the addition of just a touch of cream. There are plenty of nutritional foods in this dish, especially the celery and peas, vegetables that we often do not think of for their nutrition. But celery is a great food to eat. It is loaded with anti-oxidants, at least a dozen different types. Celery is good news to our digestive tract and also protects against oxygen damage to our cells and internal organs. Celery is also chock full of vitamin B2, K, B6 and others as well as minerals such as molybdenum. This is a great vegetable to encourage the kids to eat. And if they do not like the celery as crunchy and hard as it is, you can steam celery without losing very much of its nutritional value. Then let it cool, and leave it out as a snack, along with cheese and peanut butter. Peas are another nutritional powerhouse. Peas contain a rather unique polyphenol that helps to protect against stomach cancer, only one of many key anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories that are found in this little vegetable.

The research is strong that suggests celery and peas are good vegetables to include in your diet and the food plan of your kids. So when you can make something like chicken pot pie, already loaded with the good protein of chicken, it becomes a great food with the addition of these two unassuming veggies. Enjoy this dish soon.

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