Chicken Pot Pie with a Homemade Crust

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Looking for healthy chicken pot pie recipes? Not only that but you probably also want a easy healthy chicken pot pie recipe? Thanks to Nicole of Coley Cooks for her Chicken Pot Pie with a Homemade Crust recipe that she brings us. Chicken and Pie are not always used in the same sentence but since the first ever pie made with chicken was put on a kitchen table it has grown to be loved by many and has many different takes and recipes to make this warm comfort food enjoyed by so many all around the world. There are many recipes out there but some might argue that this recipe is the best chicken pot pie recipe that they have tasted in a long time.

So do we yet know which came first the chicken or the chicken pot pie recipe? Kidding aside pies with meat in them have been around for a very long time but chickens have definitely been around longer so that debate is put to rest quickly. Going back to the 6th century B.C. we can happily tell you that this was the time the first recorded meat pie of any recipe was first introduced to us. The Roman Empire can take credit for bringing this easy to make and wholesome dish into our recipe books. It was made from many different types of meat ranging from beef to chicken and pork and many gamey types of meat such as venison as an example. The crust has always been an integral part of the pie recipes since it is the vessel carrying all the goodies and it is also tasked with keeping them under cover while cooking. If the crust is not made well then a pot pie can become a volcano that erupts in your oven.

Nicole of Coley Cooks has made her recipe with a homemade crust and she readily admits it is the hardest part of the recipe but most rewarding. She struggled to come up with the perfect blend of flour, butter, shortening, eggs and salt. This combination may just create the best crust for chicken pot pie you have tasted in a long time. This is truly the secret admits Nicole and she takes pride in her recipe and the fluffiness and strength of her crust. Since the crust essentially is a part of any chicken pot pie recipe, which is charged with keeping everything tightly packed, it also must retain its fluffiness without making it hard as a rock. Pot pie recipes include the meat but also have a nice sauce base that will be sopped up nicely with a crust that is fluffy much better than one that is tough and dry. Nicole will guide you through the hard parts and if you are careful in your baking of the pie, and want the best crust for chicken pot pie, just follow her lead and the crust should come out fluffy and on the moist side.

The great part of chicken pot pies recipes are in the ease of preparation especially with Nicole’s recipe and the fact they freeze well. They can be taken out of the freezer and if you heat them up on low heat in the oven most diners won’t even realize they have ever been frozen. If you take the time to follow Nicole’s best chicken pot pie with a homemade crust recipe and you serve it to your family or guests you can always tell them this was a meal made for a Caesar.*

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