Chicken Potato Dumpling Soup

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Have you not yet made your first Chicken Potato Dumpling Soup recipe? Then, today should be the day for you to try to make a dumpling soup recipe for you and your family for dinner tonight. There is no need to be nervous about making a dumpling recipe for the first time, although it is a less common biscuit today than it was in the past. As a kid growing up, we ate dumplings at least each week since we ate a lot of great soups made from scratch, and popping some biscuits on top of the bubbling pot of steamy yumminess seemed like a natural thing to do, then. In any event, dumpling recipes are less common although once you have made them for the first time, you may make this dumpling soup recipe a part of your family’s regular food plan.

In this particular chicken potato dumpling soup recipe, gnocchis are used rather than a ghocchi recipe made from scratch in order to emulate the dumplings. As well, chicken is bought already cooked from your local grocery store. Using this method, your soup will also come together much more quickly than a homemade dumpling soup recipe. You can likely buy most of these ingredients as organic or at least made without preservatives. And gnocchis are fabulous, if you have not tried them before. They are also quite easy to make from scratch; however, when schedules get overwhelming, it is some times just easier to go with the flow and use whatever method can get the job done. And this dinner will still be filling and hearty and have lots of good ingredients that you can be glad to serve the family for dinner.

This chicken potato dumpling soup recipe does include some terrific ingredients. They include the potatoes, garlic, onion, spinach and plenty of other good additions. All of these vegetables add quality vitamins and minerals, along with other phytonutrients that support and contribute to your good health, and the good health of your family. Some extra special ingredients include the garlic, which is action packed with sulphides. Sulphides carry very important nutrients to the body, and are important enough to our daily health that the World’s Healthiest Foods site suggests each of us eats one clove of garlic every day. That is a lot of garlic! This soup recipe has about six cloves in the recipe, which means, once the garlic is cooked through, that the lovely and aromatic flavor of this little allium will be infused throughout the dish. This is a great dish, full of really good nutrition that will fill the tummies of every one in the family and provide them with lots of steam.

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