Chicken Velvet Soup

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Having a good chicken soup recipe as part of family dinner ideas is just as important as chicken soup for the soul. This Chicken Velvet Soup recipe is exactly that. It’s like a warm, comforting blanket during chilly nights. Now that the days are getting cooler, what can be better than eating chicken soup for dinner? This soup is healthy with different yummy veggies thrown in along with diced chicken that will have everyone going for seconds. The twist in this recipe is that instead of a traditional clear soup the texture is creamy. Since it is also the recipe that comes together in no time, you will need to cook it in a pan. However, if you don’t have the time you can also throw the ingredients in a slow cooker so that it will do all the work for you. If you want, you can add to the aroma of this recipe even more by throwing in some Italian parsley and fresh garlic. There are a good amount of vitamins from the veggies, protein from the chicken and carbs from the long grain rice added to this soup recipe. It’s an all-in-one meal option for everyone who likes to keep their dinners simple yet healthy.

You can tweak this recipe to suit for "meat-free Mondays" by adding as many different veggies as you want. Make it a little more exciting by adding hard tofu or vegan sausages. Since vegan sausages make a good meat substitute, they will also keep your palate happy as a substitute. Mushrooms also work just as good. Betty Crocker's ‘Bac-o's Bacon Flavor Bits’ is a soy-based condiment with no MSG or saturated fats. It is also free of added preservatives which makes it a trendy choice among the vegan community or for those who are trying to eat less meat. Adding different types of beans like red, black or white beans are a very good source of protein, iron and fiber as well. You can add split pea or red lentils to this yummy soup recipe. In addition to lowering cholesterol, beans prevent blood sugar levels and especially a good choice of food for individuals with diabetes. Beans are a great meat substitute for vegetarians and also make a substantial meal with meat-like texture with very low-fat content in them.

You can add or modify the flavors in this recipe with more spices of your choice such as paprika, Cajun spice, cumin powder, turmeric etc. Make it healthier by adding green veggies like kale, spinach, or even arugula. Healthy dinner recipes are all about changing up the flavors just a little bit more to suit your palate to make it even healthier. To prevent the chicken from overcooking, always pre-cook it and keep it aside. Once the soup is almost done, add the chicken in the end and let it simmer in the soup for just a few minutes and turn it off. This step is particularly important when you’re cooking with chicken breast as there is a tendency for the chicken breast to dry out.

This Chicken Velvet Soup recipe is simple, frugal and easy to make and is perhaps a good idea to make it as part of healthy dinner recipes for your family. Thanks to Bunny at the Bunny's Warm Oven recipe blog for sharing this easy chicken soup recipe with us. For more healthy dinner recipes you can visit Bunny’s blog that has great family dinner ideas. This warming soup recipe is one of the best quick dinner recipes you can make that is nutritious for you and your family.

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