Chicken With Creamy Garlic Sauce

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This chicken breast recipe with a creamy garlic sauce is sure to please everyone who eats it. It consists of chicken breasts that have been pounded thinly and breaded in Italian breadcrumbs, before being seared in a skillet. The major challenge of chicken breast recipes is that the chicken often overcooks because chicken breast is such a lean meat. Judith, the author of Bake At Midnite recipe blog, knows this fact and has taken steps to produce the most tender chicken ever. In her chicken with creamy garlic sauce recipe, she pounds the meat thinly, because this ensures every part of the chicken breast is the same thickness, and therefore, will cook at the same time.

Additionally, the breadcrumb coating locks in the juices, maintaining the tender texture of the chicken. She also sears the chicken on the stove rather than giving it anytime in the oven, because it is easier to control the level of doneness that way. If you love the sounds of having tender, breaded chicken with a creamy sauce, this chicken recipe is the one for you.

Judith uses a meat mallet to pound the chicken thinly, which is weighted heavily. If you aren’t used to making schnitzel recipes or other dishes requiring thin meat, however, chances are you don’t own one. Rather than buying a meat mallet for this dish, you can use the base of a heavy bottomed saucepot if desired. It may not have the same control as a meat mallet would but should get the job done. Alternatively, you could butterfly each chicken breast, which will increase the surface area of the chicken, as well as make the chicken an even layer. Simply, use a sharp knife to cut through the chicken breast horizontally, but not all the way through.

If you have never breaded chicken before, it is incredibly easy and can be done in moments for any comfort meal through the week. Breading meat always involves a wet mixture and breadcrumbs, each in separate bowls. For the easiest breading, use wide, shallow containers, like pie plates. The secret to coating anything with breadcrumbs without getting your hands caked in them is to use one hand for dipping the item into the wet mixture and the other hand for dipping the chicken into the dry mixture. Judith’s breading recipe is very simple since she uses Italian breadcrumbs, and they are loaded with different spices, so you don’t have to add any yourself. Since baked chicken breast recipes have a tendency to dry out, adding a breadcrumb coating to them is a great way to trap in the juices and keep the chicken moist.

The best part about this chicken dish is that it contains a luscious, creamy sauce, perfect for drizzling over everything. A new take on garlic chicken recipes, this sauce is a white sauce involving cheese and plenty of fresh garlic. White sauce or béchamel recipes always start with a roux, which is a paste made of flour and butter. The roux adds flavour to the sauce, but it also acts as the thickening agent for the sauce. Always make sure you cook this mixture for at least three minutes before adding the remaining ingredients, since that will cook out the starchy taste in the flour. Unlike the usual white sauce, though, this version incorporates chicken stock, cream cheese and Parmesan for additional flavour. Usually, a white sauce will use heavy cream alone, and the mixture will be simmered until thickened, but here, the cheese adds additional flavour. Thank you to Judith, the author of Bake At Midnite recipe blog, for sharing her chicken with creamy garlic sauce recipe with us.

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