Chili Cheese Corn Dog Muffins

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Try this Chili Cheese Corn Dog Muffins recipe and find out how you can make a muffin that is really an entire meal! This Chili Cheese Corn Dog Muffins recipe loads lots of goodness inside and on top of the muffin in order to make it a meal that you serve your family. This muffin recipe would be delicious served with a great green salad on the side. Or, beef it up even more by serving this muffin recipe with cooked Mexican rice. Any way that you serve this dish, it will be great.

And the recipe is really easy because it starts with a corn muffin mix, so you do not have to blend this corn dog muffins recipe from scratch. That makes the whole process a much simpler and quicker one for you. Or, let the kids make it. After all, they are likely the ones who will gobble this dish up. For muffins over mixing can be a problem. So this recipe does call for machine mixing for the first several ingredients (several additional ingredients are added to the corn meal mixture in this corn dog muffin recipe) and then you switch to hand blending in order to add in the additional hot dogs and cheese. However, you could consider blending the muffins entirely by hand. It takes a bit more effort but it does help prevent over mixing which can make muffins tough and dry.

This corn dog recipe will be very popular with the kids because of the hot dogs that you chop and add right in to the muffin mix. It will be an easy one to make, too, because you start with a commercial corn muffin mix and do not have to blend that part of this corn dog muffin recipe by hand. So that will save some time and energy. The recipe does call for chile as part of the serving aspect, so be sure that you have some set aside in the freezer that you can pull out and serve. That, or you will have to make chile, too, for this recipe to work! But that would make it a great meal, and really filling, too.

There is plenty of goodness in this recipe. It is chock full of cheese, which provides loads of good protein as well as the minerals calcium and magnesium. In addition, corn provides some fiber, a component in our daily food plan that most of us do not get nearly enough of to eat. So that is good. As well, if you make homemade chile there are often beans included as part of the recipe. Beans, of any kind, are a source of vitamins and minerals.

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