Chocaroon Pie

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This is a crustless chocaroon pie that will meet any desire you have for either chocolate or coconut. This pie is quick, easy, and pretty cheap to make, and it will certainly satisfy any sweet tooth for a while. Make this pie when dinner is light and a rich snack afterwards will fill any voids. This pie is also easy enough for a new baker to attempt, so let the ones in your household have at it. The pie will cook up with a drier edge but quite moist middle, sweet with coconut and condensed milk.

Chocolate and coconut are a wonderful flavor combination. The chocolate used here is the best, pure chocolate squares. Actually, to say pure chocolate is always a mistake. Every chocolate has had some kind of processing and most of them, especially if it is solid, has been processed with some kind of oil, sugar and other additives. The flavor difference lies in what percent of actual cocoa is in the chocolate blend as compared to what else might be in the mix. The next time you are in the mood, check out a few labels for different chocolates and you will see how different the recipes are, depending on the type of chocolate you are purchasing. Also compare organic chocolates to non-organic. There is just no comparing the superior flavor of organic to non-organic, because non-organic chocolates can frequently have many other things from nuts to milk solids to other ingredients in them. When you can, choose organic chocolate.

Enjoy this pie with your family on your night in front of the television and the latest favorite show or game (whichever your family does). It will provide a sweet treat that everyone will enjoy and with the coconut, it will stick a bit to the ribs. Try it soon.

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