Chocolate Amore Dessert

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This dessert, Chocolate Amore Dessert, is an entirely seductive chocolate experience. It is more than just a dessert. It is a taste sensation in your mouth (and tummy). This dessert is just so full of chocolate, cream, whipped cream, and lovely smooth flavor that it is a dream to eat. It is a bit of work to make, but creator, Sandra, has made a few steps easier, and those short cuts make this lovely surprise dish very manageable.

This dessert layers mounds and mounds of chocolate things one on top of each other, chills it, then mounds whipped cream on top and drizzles more chocolate on top of that. Add a few chocolate curls to make it even more decadent. The layers of cake and mousse are fabulous. Mousse is like the crown jewel of creamy desserts. It starts like a custard, but then blends in whipped cream and egg white to make it this lovely and rich, foamy and sweet, thing that melts in your mouth. Take the time to make it from scratch and really amaze yourself and your family with this very special treat.

This dish needs to be put together in a flat serving dish. Site blogger, Sandra, recommends a 9x13 pan. The thing to remember is that this dish won’t like work if you attempt to create freestanding layers. The mousse is not capable of holding in the way that some custards can. So make it in a pan, and serve pieces out of it. The way that Sandra decorates her sample cake is quick and easy to do, and will make every piece look fantastic. There will be no one refusing this dessert when you serve it in your house tonight.

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