Chocolate Banana Cake with Coconut

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Tempt your family with a Chocolate Banana Cake with Coconut recipe tonight, and enjoy a taste of the tropics when you do it! This banana cake recipe has effectively four different layers to it, most of them on top of the cake once it has been made. This cake recipe is made in three layers, which makes it pretty special just because of this shape, then has a whipped cream frosting spread over and between the layers, a coconut layer that is pressed on to the frosting, and a final, rich chocolate ganache that gets poured on the top of this cake recipe and allowed to drip down the sides . . . yum. This cake recipe is worth trying.

The flavors of chocolate and banana are great together. And in this recipe you have both in spades, complemented by the rich and sultry flavor of whipped cream. Perhaps the best part of this cake is that it is made entirely from scratch and so will have that great home made flavor in every bite. Few things beat the taste of some thing that you make from scratch, and cake is certainly better when you put together the ingredients. And this is a big cake, rich with full fat butter, lots of sugar and full fat buttermilk. The buttermilk ensures a tangy flavor that complements and contrasts to the butter and sugar and also that gives the entire cake a beautiful and tender crumb. Nothing beats buttermilk for making a cake tender (or other things, too). Coconut is also folded in to this batter and so you will have an interesting texture and lots of flavor between the bananas and the coconut. As an additional flavor boost, you could consider adding one cup of walnuts or pecans, well chopped. Any way you do it, though, this cake will be a big one, and delicious.

The cake is frozen in order to make it easier to work with. When you pull it from the freezer, the chocolate and cream (and lots of it) frosting is put between the layers and around and on top of the cake. Even more coconut gets pressed on to the sides and top of the cake. This will give the cake great flavor and lots of interesting texture. Finally, the chocolate ganache is simply poured on top, and allowed to drip down the sides of the cake in dramatic fashion. So this three layer cake with coconut peeking out the sides and topped with a dark chocolate ganache will be a real showstopper. And it will take a bit of time to prepare, but will certainly be worth the effort. Book mark this page and enjoy!

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