Chocolate Bottomed Peanut Butter Pie

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This peanut butter pie recipe is a heavenly affair by layering a pie crust with chocolate ganache, then topping it with a creamy, peanut butter mousse mixture. This pie is also incredibly easy to prepare since the chocolate peanut butter pie recipe doesn’t require much baking; you are just going to require the oven to bake a store-bought pie crust. Otherwise, this easy pie recipe is a simple matter of making a chocolate ganache for the base of your pie and mixing a few packaged ingredients for a creamy mousse filling. If you need a showstopping dessert in a pinch, this chocolate bottomed peanut butter pie recipe should do just the trick.

Quick and easy pie recipes are hard to come by, but this peanut butter pie recipe fits the bill by using some simple, flavourful ingredients, like peanut butter and Cool Whip. You may not like to use Cool Whip since it contains some unrecognizable ingredients, even though it is completely delicious, so if you prefer to go the more natural route, consider replacing with a stabilized whipped cream. If you replace the Cool Whip in this quick chocolate and peanut butter pie recipe with whipped cream, the cream may gradually collapse back into its looser form. This fact is fine if you plan to eat the pie straight away, but if you are hoping to store it for more than a few hours, you will want to add some gelatine powder to your cream when you whip it so that it will stand firm until ready to eat.

Despite peanuts’ bad rap, since they are food that many people are allergic to, they contain a wealth of healthy nutrients. Peanut nutrition includes 88% of your daily-recommended intake of biotin, as well as significant amounts of nine other nutrients. Biotin is a crucial nutrient to helping balance blood sugar since it aids in the production of insulin. The fat in peanuts also helps keep skin moist and healthy looking. On the other hand, nutrition in peanut butter may vary from the pure peanut since most peanut butter that you find in the grocery store are prepared with additional ingredients to peanuts, like oil and sugar. If you prefer to get as many of the natural benefits of peanuts as possible in your peanut butter, consider eating natural peanut butter instead, which will have a much higher proportion of peanuts to the other ingredients. No matter what you choose, though, you are bound to obtain much of the peanut’s goodness from this peanut butter pie recipe.

The best pie recipes are ones like this chocolate peanut butter pie recipe, which is decadent, satisfying, and easy to prepare. You won’t have to spend more than an hour in the kitchen to make this pie recipe, and yet, you can expect to have a dish that your whole family will love. Thank you to Shawn, the author of ‘I Wash, You Dry’ recipe blog, for sharing her creative chocolate bottomed peanut butter pie recipe with us.**

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