Chocolate Brownies With Surprising Ingredients

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Try this recipe for Chocolate Brownies With Surprising Ingredients that will indeed surprise you with what they contain. They may even change your mind entirely about whether or not chocolate brownies, especially when they are made with surprising ingredients, can be something you might choose to eat more often. One of the tricks and tips to becoming accustomed to an entirely new way of preparing a food, especially when it comes to long favored sweets, is to not expect that the treat will taste the same or even have the same texture. In that sense, you will never be disappointed, because you approach the new food or dish, even when it carries the same name as a longtime favorite, understanding that it may (and probably will) taste very different from your expectations. That is the case with this Chocolate Brownies With Surprising Ingredients recipe. The surprise does lie in the ingredients, which include, among other ingredients, sweet potato and coconut oil. The intention with this brownies recipe is to make it paleo food diet compatible.

If you do not know what a paleo food plan is, you are not alone. There are so many different ways to eat these days, and this approach is just one among many ways to try and get the nutrition you need each day. The paleo approach fundamentally eliminates any and all processed foods including grains and legumes. So something that comes in a can or a box just would not be on the paleo food plan. So you can see that, brownies, made with butter, sugar and flour, using the traditional recipe, along with plenty of processed chocolate, just would not do for the paleo diet plan. This particular brownies recipe uses all natural ingredients and unprocessed ones. So even the chocolate is raw cocoa powder (although to be fair, it is quite processed in order to get it in to the cocoa powder state).

The brownies recipe is still quick and easy to pull together, and is really much easier than traditional chocolate brownies. The traditional brownies need to be blended very carefully in order that they will rise and bake properly, and proportions are very critical. This is especially true in the classic recipe where there is no leavening agent to bail you out if you over mix the ingredients. In this paleo brownie recipe, you simply mix and pour and bake. Easy peasy. Enjoy this alternative to the classic brownies soon, and be surprised at how good this version can taste. Not only are you going to really enjoy this change of pace, but the kids and the rest of the family will like it too. Be sure to try this delicious alternative brownie recipe soon.

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