Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hearts

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This is an interesting Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hearts recipe that contains a controversial ingredient, namely, raw flour. There has been plenty of controversy over this product, and whether or not it should be eaten. There have been incidents reported where people have apparently become very ill from eating raw flour because of its potential to contain bacteria, including e coli, as just one example. Today, though, most cookie dough manufacturers use heat treated flour in their cookie dough in order to destroy bacteria such as e coli. Still, it is important to be aware of the challenges that might arise for you from eating a controversial food such as raw flour. It is easy to avoid it, too, in the end.

This recipe is basically a chocolate chip cookie dough recipe. To avoid the raw flour issue you could either leave the flour out of the recipe and substitute something else, instead, or just cook the cookie dough and then dip it in the chocolate. There will be changes, of course, to the cookie dough hearts recipe, but you may wish to avoid eating raw flour, or allowing your kids to eat it. One option for this issue of flour is to buy heat treated flour. That is available in many grocery stores and is becoming a more popular choice. This recipe does include some great ingredients such as the peanut butter, although there is just a tiny amount added. That tiny amount will just add a trace of flavor that both underscores and complements the chocolate in the recipe. And there is loads of chocolate, and a lot of fun will be had by the kids dipping the cookie dough in to the chocolate.

This might be a fun project to do with the kids. The heart shape of the chocolate chip cookie recipe is one that you can make for Valentine’s Day, but is also great for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. So there are plenty of places and days where the heart shape will be a great one to make and give out as gifts and so on. This is an easy recipe and the kids will love making up the heart shapes. You can also make other shapes, such as circles, if you have no special occasion coming up and you want to make up this recipe with the kids. Any shape can be made, as you will see when you read the recipe on the site, Oh My God Chocolate Desserts, where the recipe can be found. Enjoy this recipe whenever you want some chocolate and have some time to spend with the kids. Enjoy this fun project when you have time.

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