Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Scotcharoos

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This recipe makes a huge amount of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Scotcharoos so be sure to invite all the family, friends and neighbors when you make up this lovely three layer (or four layers, depending on whether the frosting is counted separately or not!) treat for the kids. And do not be surprised if a few of the adults dig in for a piece (or three). This is a great smooth and crunchy, flavor filled treat of chocolate that will appeal to every one on your food list.

This dish has several layers. If you get help with this recipe—even though you do not really need it—break up the parts and have different teams prepare their section. That will help the task of putting this layered beauty together. The bottom layer is all chocolate, made from a chocolate cake mix that gets blended, pressed and then baked in the pan. The cake mix lets this step come together really easily, so young bakers can probably handle this part pretty much on their own. You let that layer cool as you prepare the next few steps in this process. The middle layer is a wonderful chocolate chip cookie layer, made entirely from scratch, and loaded with chocolate chips. Let little hands help with adding in the chocolate chips and reward them amply with more chips for their contribution and hard work.

The final layer combines the scotcharoo aspect of this recipe and is really fantastic. Young cooks could put this together if you thought they would not eat it all before it made it on top of the rest of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Scotcharoos! Otherwise, you had best make this part yourself. It has the wonderful flavor of chocolate and the crunch of rice krispies. This is the coup de grace for these wonderful bars. Drizzle with the chocolate and serve. Enjoy!

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