Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Bars

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This recipe of a refreshing blend of chocolate chip cookie ice cream bars satisfies pretty much everyones desire for something cold, sweet and filling on a hot summers day. It is a forgiving recipe because there is no way possible to add too much of anything when you make these cookie and ice cream delights.

Chocolate chips seem like they have been around forever, dont they? But chips were actually invented by a creative home cook in 1937, less than 80 years ago. According to that great internet source, Wikipedia, Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn in the town of Whitman, Massachusetts was the first person to chop up a chocolate bara semi-sweet nestle chocolate bar to be preciseand add it to her cookie recipe. And people ever since have been grateful to her.

Since Ruth Gravess invention, weve gone on to add butterscotch chips, yogurt chips, white chocolate and dark chocolate chips to the list of chocolate things that can go in to a cookie and always with results that made our tummies very happy.

Ice cream, of course, was invented in China. The Chinese are also credited with the invention of the machine that first churned milk and sugar automatically to make ice cream. And the world is grateful for that contribution to our sensory experiences!

This recipe is perfect for little helping hands. Older youngsters learning to cook can manage the cookie base with a little oversight and help, and littlest cooks can help scoop out the ice cream or pour on the hot fudge or chocolate sauce later. Of course all cooks can taste test the chocolate chips, ice cream, and various combinations of sauces to ensure the best quality control!

Easy to make desserts like these ones are really family fun creations that help to make moments and memories that you and your kids will remember for a life time. Food is a great way to bring people together, and who is more important to have around you then your own family?

Use this recipe as an excuse to bring everyone in to the kitchen to make something where all hands can make a contribution and everyone can share in the fun. Why not make it tonight?

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