Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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Pancakes are the most wonderful comfort meal in the morning when slabbed with butter and drizzled with pure maple syrup but are made even better by infusing with chocolate chips in this chocolate chip pancakes recipe. Rather than the pancakes having a plain batter, it is mixed with chocolate chips, which melt during cooking and become little pockets of chocolate studded through each pancake. Trish, the author of the Mom On Timeout recipe blog, came up with this pancake recipe to serve her family because they are devoted pancake eaters. One of their favourite versions of the classic pancake is this one loaded with chocolate chips and topped with whipped cream for extra decadence. As a result, this meal has become a weekend staple in her household, and undoubtedly, will become that in yours when you try out this chocolate pancake recipe.

The sweet decadence of these pancakes may prevent you from making them if you favour a healthier breakfast, but there are ways to make these pancakes more nutritious if desired. Trish includes almond milk in her version of this pancake recipe, which is great if you are serving someone who is lactose intolerant or has a dairy allergy. She uses the unsweetened version of almond milk so that no additional sugar is being added to the cakes. Almond milk nutrition is low in calories compared to milk and has good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium and vitamin D, which means your family will get some substantial nutrition from this otherwise decadent meal. If desired, you can increase the fibre in this breakfast recipe by replacement half of the all-purpose flour with whole-wheat flour. Just don’t replace all of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat unless you want to have a very dense pancake. If someone really doesn’t want chocolate for breakfast, it is easy to substitute with fruit, such as sliced bananas or strawberries in this chocolate pancake recipe. Just portion out their share of the batter before mixing in the chocolate chips so that everyone can have what they like for breakfast.

The choice of chocolate is important, too, if you are looking to make these pancakes healthier. Trish uses one of the best kinds of chocolate in her pancake recipe, semi-sweet chocolate, which is a sweetened version of dark chocolate. What makes dark chocolate the best chocolate is the fact that it is less sweetened than other chocolates and contains a higher number of flavonoids, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits. If you are eating a lower carb diet, you can even substitute the chips for chopped dark chocolate of a high percentage. For example, 99% dark chocolate won’t contain any sugar, making it ideal if you want to maintain stable blood sugar.

One of the challenges in making a pancake recipe for the entire family on a Saturday morning is that you can only cook small batches at a time. To make sure everyone gets hot pancakes at the same time, warm the oven to the lowest temperature it can go to and line a baking sheet with foil or parchment paper. As you cook the pancakes, you can pop them in the oven to hold until the entire batch is made. The pancakes won’t overcook during this time, as the oven temperature will be low enough, but will prevent them from cooling down so your breakfast recipe can be at its best. Thank you to Trish, the author of the Mom On Time Out recipe blog, for sharing her chocolate chip pancakes recipe with us.

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