Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cookies

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Enjoy this Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cookies recipe, and make something really yummy and delicious for your afternoon coffee (or tea) break. A sweet in the late afternoon is a wonderful way to help you get through the afternoon, and this Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cookies recipe is a great way to get those sweets, too! This coffee cookies recipe is a bit like a chocolate chip cookies recipe, but with a power flavor infusion of coffee. The coffee both underscores and complements the chocolate and other flavors in this cookie recipe to produce a sweet treat that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family, even the kids. There is plenty of chocolate to meet their sweet needs, and the coffee will be appreciated by the adults without being too overwhelming for the kids. Of course, these cookies may be so delicious that you want to save them just for your own afternoon delight!

This cookie recipe is a unique one in that it adds coffee granules to help emphasize as well as contrast against the chocolate chips and melts that form part of this recipe. That makes this cookie recipe a rich and delicious treat. There is also loads of butter in this recipe. That means the cookies will be incredibly sultry and rich with fabulous buttery overtones throughout each and every cookie. That also means tons of calories, so make these cookies smaller than you might otherwise, and watch how many of them you eat! You could also freeze this recipe, either before or after you bake them.

If you freeze the cookie dough, it will likely last for up to 30 days in the freezer. You could also leave it for several days just in the fridge, if it is well wrapped. Either way, this method allows you to cook up just as many and no, cookies as you want to make, and then serve them while they are fresh from the oven. That is a wonderful way to make cookies. Or, you can bake all of the cookies when you make up the dough. That is another possibility. Freeze the baked cookies and just take them out of the freezer to thaw a few hours before you serve them. They will be just as delicious.

This is a quick and easy cookie recipe to make, but one that could possibly benefit from sitting in the fridge for a few hours, or even over night, before you make up the baked cookies. That is because when you let cookie dough sit, the flavors mingle more thoroughly and the cookies improve substantially in flavor. So consider this approach when you have time, although they will be delicious any way!

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