Chocolate Coconut Brownies

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If you can’t decide between making chocolate or coconut dessert, you should try this chocolate coconut brownies recipe, which combines a chewy brownie base with a creamy coconut mixture and rich chocolate ganache. The Best Blog Recipes website curated these fun desserts from Cheryl, the author of the Moms and Munchkins recipe blog, and indeed, it is one of the best blog recipes, because it is easy to make and combines a few desserts that everyone loves. There are few people who won’t adore the taste of a fudgy brownie, and coconut macaroon recipe lovers will appreciate the coconut filling, which involved many of the same ingredients as macaroons but bakes to a softer consistency rather than becoming crisp and golden in the oven. If these features sound tempting to you, try making this brownie recipe which you and your family will love.

To make these coconut desserts, there is no particular equipment required except for a standard 8-inch pan. Due to the nature of bar recipes, which can stick easily, it is integral to line the baking vessel with parchment paper so that the bars are easy to remove. Simply cut two pieces of parchment paper which are just under the width of the pan. You can criss-cross the parchment strips, so they go opposite ways in the pan. The flaps will be above the edges of the pan which will make the brownies easy to lift out and cut. Just don’t use aluminum foil as a liner if you find you don’t have parchment paper on hand at that moment, as the bars may stick even more to the foil than to the pan, and it tears easily which means it might get into what you are baking.

Everyone has their favourite chocolate to eat plain or use in their dessert recipes. In the case of this chocolate coconut brownie recipe, semisweet chocolate chips and cocoa powder are used for a rich, chocolaty taste and appealing colour. Cocoa powder is a by-product of the chocolate making process and can be purchased sweetened or unsweetened. When unsweetened, it is considered quite a healthy chocolate option due to high amounts of flavonoids and iron. The semisweet chocolate chips are just a form of dark chocolate that is lightly sweetened. This is likely the best chocolate you can use in brownies since it gives you the best of both worlds; a touch of sweetness, as well as the pure taste of chocolate. Of course, you can easily substitute with pure dark chocolate or milk chocolate, and this brownie recipe will still be delicious. This dessert will be an excellent place to use up leftover chocolate chips you may have in your pantry.

Although this bar recipe takes a bit of time to make due to there being three layers, it is very easy to make. A lot of the time is just waiting for each layer to bake and cool, before adding the next one. The chocolate ganache topping may be one of the easiest components to this dessert because it involves just two ingredients as most ganache recipes do. The idea is to combine melted chocolate and heavy cream into a homogeneous mixture. Since chocolate is easy to burn when put to heat, Cheryl heats the cream in the microwave and then pours over the chocolate. The residual heat from the cream causes the chocolate to melt easily and prevents the chocolate from burning or seizing up. Thank you to the Best Blog Recipes website for sharing this chocolate coconut brownie recipe from Cheryl, the author of the Moms and Munchkins recipe blog.

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