Chocolate Coconut Cake Roll

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Coconut and chocolate is one of those combinations that when you finally try it you ask yourself what took you so long. This Chocolate Coconut Cake Roll will have you asking what took you so long to try out this particular recipe. There are a number of unique ingredients and a trick or two in the way parts of this recipe are prepared that make it a really special cake roll. Be sure to read the recipe through carefully in order that you understand how to prepare everything for this really spectacular dessert.

Sometimes we avoid making a cake roll because we think it is too time consuming or difficult. Not so! It is really no more work to create a truly unique dessert that your family will love than to just bake a cake.

On thing to remember in this recipe is to toast the coconut. Toasting the coconut creates a lovely depth of flavor in the cake that should not be missed. Once you try it, you will see just how much more flavor toasting the coconut adds to your dessert. Just be careful to keep your eye on the coconut when its in the ovenyou dont want it to burn.

Another secret that makes this chocolate cake especially complex is that it adds a bit of coffee to the cake. Coffee, just a bit of it, offers up a flavor kick to chocolate. The ganache uses Nutella. If you have not tried this delicious combination of chocolate and hazelnut before, you are in for a flavor treat. And so is your family. Just be sure to not taste it before you measure out the amount of Nutella you need for the recipe. If you or your family gets a taste it will disappear in no time. Finally, this cake roll is topped off with whipped cream, surely the coup de grace of every dessert.

Layering the cake roll, whipped filling, chocolate ganache and more coconut on top will be a smash hit for your family dinner tonight.

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