Chocolate Covered Cherries

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I remember the first time I ever attempted to make a Chocolate Covered Cherries Recipe in my own home, and all by myself. I was totally thrilled. I was also a ver new and novice baker at the time, and learning how to make things from scratch that I had always assumed you could only buy from a shop was a truly magical experience for me. You can have and share a bit of that same magic with this recipe with your family, because it is so quick and easy. Little hands can help every step of the way, so get extra maraschino cherries since many of those cherries will likely disappear before you ever get the chocolates made and done. A small fee for the pleasure of making a treat like this one with the kids, who always seem to get such a thrill out of baking.

This recipe does not include any nuts, but you could, if you wanted to. If you do add nuts to the blend, be sure to chop them quite fine so they do not start to become pokey in the recipe. Nuts are a nice addition to this recipe, and they are found in commercial renditions of covered cherries. Also be sure to buy a high quality chocolate, and mix it up a little. Lots of people love milk chocolate, but plenty prefer dark, so get both.

These are one of several kinds of chocolates that are especially popular around the holidays. You can freeze these really easily and then simply pop them out of the freezer a few hours before you might be expecting company, or serving them as a treat to the kids and family. Any way you serve them, though, these Chocolate Covered Cherries will be popular with every one in the household, so make lots, and make them often. Enjoy this recipe soon, won’t you?

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