Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies

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This Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies recipe looks absolutely divine. If you are into brownies, this could become one of your new favourite homemade brownie recipes. It is so much fun to find great recipes to try out at home and enjoy eating your own creations and sharing them with other people. It is one of the simple pleasures in life that people of all ages enjoy. You probably remember your first time baking in the kitchen with your mom or your dad, or other relatives or guardians, and it probably created some of the best memories in your life as a child. So now when you bake at home as an adult you probably are reminded of the fun and enjoyable times you spent in the kitchen with loved ones making your favourite treats. You might even start the new tradition of baking with your children or children in your family, nieces, nephews, and cousins. It really is a great thing to do and bond over.

This is a super easy brownie recipe that could be made with kids helping out. Getting kids to help with baking also teaches them great math skills and baking and cooking skills that will be handy for when they get older too. This easy brownie recipe is actually gluten free as well as being refined sugar free too. Is it really possible that there could be a healthy-ish type of brownie recipe? Well there seems to be now. Baking is totally a science, and even the author admits that it took her a while to find the correct balance of ingredients to make this brownie recipe awesome. When you are baking with different flour and sugar substitutes, your recipes will not come out just like the way they would with the original recipe ingredients. This is because the weights and the consistencies of the ingredients that are gluten free will be different, so it does take some experimentation to come up with really great gluten free recipes, but it can be done with some patience and getting to understand gluten free ingredients and how they bake. So it is a wonderful thing that there are so many awesome food bloggers and chefs out there that do all of the experimenting and then share the results with us. There are so many homemade brownie recipes out there, but why not try this healthier version just for fun and see what you think about it? Test it out on friends and family and see if they can tell if there is no refined sugar or wheat flour in them.

This easy brownie recipe is loaded with cocoa and fresh strawberries, and is made with almond flour. If you want to try something different than the fresh strawberries you could even try some pitted fresh cherries in this easy brownie recipe. Wouldn't that be good? The fresh strawberries are layered on top of the baked cake and then a layer of chocolate sauce is poured on top that gets in-between all of the strawberries creating a rich and fudgey topping. These brownies look absolutely delicious, make sure you try them out soon and see what you think. A big thank you to Rachel, the mastermind behind this epic Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies recipe. Rachel is the curator and author of Bakerita, an awesome food blog online. We are so grateful that she worked so hard to create this amazing recipe for us to try out at home. Rachel also has a ton of other great recipes on her website like drink recipes, appetizer recipes and more amazing dessert recipes. Go check them out.*

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