Chocolate Covered Turtle Brownie Bites

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Just the name of these sweet treats, chocolate covered turtle brownie bites, can leave you drooling. How is it possible to put together so many yummy things? Who does this stuff? Not only does this recipe put together chocolate in tiny fun sized bites but it has turtles in it too! This recipe requires a bit of time and care, but the results are worth the few extra minutes of work. Here are some tips and tricks that will make the effort a bit easier and your results spectacular.

This recipe calls for brownies made from scratch. There are a couple of secrets to really great brownies. Once concerns the butter and chocolate. When you melt the butter and add the chocolate squares to it, let this mixture return to room temperature before you add it to the rest of the recipe. This step will keep your brownies from being dry and heavy. Then, use unsalted butter as the recipe asks. It really does make a big flavor difference. It also allows you to be in control of how much salt goes in to the recipe. You may find that once you begin to use unsalted butter in your baking you will start to use it everywhere. It has a fresh and creamy flavor that is quite unique.

This recipe calls for one or two ingredients that you may or may not keep in your cupboard or fridge such as whipped cream. So be sure to read the recipe over from top to bottom and stock up on the ingredients you will need to make this special dessert.

This dessert is family friendly. Once you have made the brownie mix, kids can help to push caramels in to the brownie centers. And once these have baked and cooled, kids can help dip and glaze the brownies and then sprinkle them with more toffee and pecans. Be sure to have extras of toffee and the nuts cause you just know the kids will taste a few as they help you out. Try it tonight!

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