Chocolate Croissant Cookies

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This amazing Chocolate Croissant Cookies recipe is what cookie dreams are made of. If you have a nice relaxing day at home and feel like making cookies, this would be a really fun and new recipe to try. Making cookies is a great way to try out fun baking recipes that you might have not tried before. Its also a great way to enjoy spending time being creative in your kitchen either by yourself, or with someone else. Baking and making cookies can be very therapeutic for some people too, especially those who love to bake often as a hobby. When you are baking the cookies for fun and have nothing else to do that day, it feels very leisurely, and if you are trying out new recipes, you always feel so happy when they turn out really good too.

These Chocolate Croissant Cookies, are fairly easy homemade cookies to make. They look absolutely amazing and yummy too when you see the great photos on the Spicy Southern Kitchen food blog they are featured on. This cookie recipe was featured in Cook’s Country in 2015 along with some other fun baking recipes for Christmas. But who says that baking cookies is just for Christmas time? You can bake these cookies any time of year and for any occasion. You don't have to be a professional pastry chef when it comes to making cookies, and even these cookies that have a croissant aspect to them are quite easy homemade cookies to make.

Cookies have been a recipe that has been made since the 7th century AD and were mainly made to be used as a great snack to travel with. The cookies from that day were not quite as sweet as cookies we make these days, but they were able to be a source of food that could keep travellers sustained while they were in transit. Cookies started to be packaged in tins as the years went on, and even now, you can find certain brands of cookies that are packaged in tins like back then. The cookie came to the Americas in the 1600s with the Dutch people, and became more and more popular of a recipe over the years. The croissant goes back to the 13th century in Austria, and were known as Kipferl. The Kipferl then adapted a French baking style when the recipe was brought to France and they called it a croissant because of its crescent shape. Now, we even find croissants in our own bakeries here in Canada and the United States in a number of different styles. There are recipes for chocolate croissants like this one, ham and cheese croissant recipes and plain croissant recipes as well. Now there is even a modern spin on the croissant, making the dough into a ring shape and deep frying it like a doughnut to make it into what is called a croughnut.

These easy homemade cookies make use of the traditional style croissant dough, and the dough then has chocolate wrapped within it and chocolate drizzled over top like an icing. They look so yummy, and would be perfect to serve up for any occasion. Thank you to Christin from the Spicy Southern Kitchen for this awesome Chocolate Croissant Cookies recipe that we can all give a try out at home in our own kitchens. Christin, the author of the Spicy Southern Kitchen food blog loves cooking and baking and sharing her insights and creations on the internet. Christin has a ton of fun baking recipes, breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, appetizer recipes and so much more over on her great website. **

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