Chocolate Cupcakes

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For me, nothing is better than a simple classic for dessert or for a sweet snack or break time. So Chocolate Cupcakes score high for me on the choices I would make to serve on those occasions. This recipe is a wonderful one as long as you do not choose all of the suggested alternatives. Stick with the original recipe. For example, the recipe suggests that you could substitute fat free sour cream for buttermilk. But the reason you add buttermilk to chocolate is that the acidity of the buttermilk ensures a good rise, a tender crumb, and a better color from the cocoa. So use buttermilk. It can sit in your fridge for quite some time before it goes bad, and it does not cost a lot of money. It is almost always readily available at the grocery store, too. And if you buy some buttermilk, you can experiment with it in other recipes to see just how wonderful this dairy product is. And definitely taste it when you buy it, so you understand just how acidic it really is.

Another suggested alternative uses a combination of butter and oil rather than pure butter. Surprisingly, butter can dry out a cake recipe, and especially a chocolate one. So, for this alternative, choose the butter and oil combination. The oil will keep the cake wonderfully moist, even the next day. This is a great suggestion by the blogger. For me, a classic chocolate cup cake should have a chocolate butter cream frosting rather than a chocolate glaze on it. But the glaze does carry fabulous and deep flavor that will complement these little cakes. So choose which you prefer, a rich deep chocolate flavor, or a lighter chocolate that includes the frosting. Both would be fabulous.

This is a great recipe offering a classic chocolate cupcake. They work every where, and does any one not enjoy a chocolate cup cake, made from scratch? Enjoy this recipe soon.

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