Chocolate Dipped Toffee Pecan Shortbread Cookies

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If you need a new addition to your holiday cookie recipes, try this chocolate dipped toffee pecan shortbread cookies recipe which combines buttery dough with studs of toffee pieces and nutty pecans. The toffee and pecans heighten traditional shortbread by adding some texture to an otherwise melt-in-your-mouth cookie. Jaclyn, the author of the Cooking Classy recipe blog, elevates these cookies even further by dipping them in chocolate and sprinkling with more toffee bits. Not only do they become more delicious with a coating of chocolate, but they also become increasingly more elegant and equally good for enjoying as a snack at the end of the day or serving as part of a holiday dessert tray. Whenever you choose to serve this cookie recipe, it will be sure to please.

Making rolled cookies that have to be cut can be finicky, since dough can become too tough or sticky to roll, and it can be challenging to roll sheets of dough to an even thickness. In the case of this shortbread cookie recipe, the process is made easy by shaping the dough into a log, chilling and baking instead. By shaping into a log, you create a round cookie without the need of rolling the dough and cutting with a round cutter. Jaclyn provides the exact size specifications for the cookie dough log that you will need to achieve the perfect cookies. To bake these cookies right away, you can chill the dough in the refrigerator, but if you would like to plan for a date later on, simply place the cookie dough logs in the freezer and store until ready to bake later. For cutting clean slices to make these easy homemade cookies also the prettiest you will have ever made, it is important to ensure the pecans are chopped quite small since large chunks may cause the dough to tear during slicing. The toffee bits will already be the perfect size when you buy them.

Although you may think that making this chocolate dipped cookie recipe will require melting the chocolate on the stove, that is not necessary here. Instead, Jaclyn recommends melting the chocolate in the microwave which minimises the fuss to glazing this toffee cookie recipe. By stopping the microwave and stirring the chocolate every twenty seconds, you can ensure the chocolate melts perfectly without seizing up. In the case of what chocolate to dip these easy cookies into, that is entirely up to you as long as it is good quality. Jaclyn specifies milk chocolate or dark chocolate which both will contrast against the golden toffee bits and pecans in these shortbread cookies. Something like white chocolate would be tasty too, but milk chocolate is the best chocolate to use because it is less sweet than white chocolate which is ideal when there are already sweet toffee bits in the cookie recipe.

If you have to make at least one shortbread recipe over the holiday season, make sure it is this one. The mixture of chocolate, nuts and toffee will be sure to please an avid sweet lover. Plus, the fact the dough can be shaped into logs and stored in the freezer will make these cookies a perfect make-ahead option for the busy holiday season. You can even use the dough in this cookie recipe and add your favourite mix-ins like dried fruit or chocolate chips if desired, rather than the called for toffee bits or chopped pecans. Thank you to Jaclyn, the author of the Cooking Classy recipe blog, for sharing her chocolate dipped toffee pecan shortbread cookie recipe with us.

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