Chocolate Donuts with Creamy Chocolate Frosting

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What tastes as good as Chocolate Donuts with Creamy Chocolate Frosting? Well, pretty much nothing, actually, so enjoy these donuts and make some up with your kids today. And what is extra special about this recipe is that it contains no dairy, either in the donut or the frosting. So for your friends (or kids) who might have sensitivity to dairy, this recipe is the perfect choice. It is also very easy to make, and is a baked donut rather than a fried one. Although fried foods are fabulous, using a frying method for cooking is still a bit nerve racking. The fact remains that hot oil can spill and cause severe injury and damage to your stove top and floor or wherever else it might land. A baked donut is a really great alternative and holds all the terrific flavor that you might expect in such a sweet concoction.

You might wonder what dairy, especially milk, butter, and buttermilk as examples, brings to a dessert. For example, cookies often have only butter, but not milk or cream in their recipes. Cakes often have butter, milk and possibly buttermilk. Many recipes for either cookies or cakes can call for cheese, especially mild varieties such as cream cheese, ricotta or mascarpone. Each of these ingredients provides huge flavor to whatever dish they are added to, and because most of these ingredients is loaded with fat, they also bring tremendous moistness to any dish. Replacing flavor and texture can be a challenge. With chocolate, though, there are plenty of great replacements that you might think work even better than butter, if emphasizing the flavor and texture of the chocolate is what you are after. A very famous chocolate dessert is the chocolate torte, which contains neither flour nor dairy. To make this cake, a pure oil can be used rather than butter, and the lightness and flavor is picked up by the eggs in the recipe.

This recipe is quite easy to put together, and even your up and coming baker can expect great results from this dish. The icing is also quite simple and can be pulled together in minutes. It might be fun to ice the donuts while they are still warm. That will allow the icing to seep in to the top of the donut for a really creamy effect when you bite in to the sweet treat. Donuts are a popular snack and now that there are so many recipes allowing you to bake them, rather than deep fry them, they are also a quick and safe choice to make for your family. So why not try this recipe today? And enjoy fresh donuts for dinner tonight. Enjoy.

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