Chocolate Harvest Cake

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What a beautiful name for a wonderful time of year. And a perfect cake to accompany the weather. Try this Chocolate Harvest Cake when this year’s canned pumpkin arrives in the stores, unless you make your own (much fresher!). Pumpkin is the ingredient used in the middle creamy filling for this cake, and what turns this great cake in to a fantastic one. This chocolate cake is rich and moist, with a cream cheese middle flavored with pumpkin and a chocolate ganache to finish it off (just in case you didn’t get enough chocolate in the cake).

The fall is just such a wonderful time of the year, especially if you live in areas where the visible changes are all around you each day. Crisp fall mornings, the crunch of fallen, dry maple leaves, and a chill in the air that chases the last heat of summer away, are all so wonderful to experience. And it makes Thanksgiving and other times in the fall extra special, too, times when we draw our families close to us and become grateful for the wonderful lives we are privileged to lead. This cake can help you celebrate your own harvest this year, whether you celebrate by buying from your local farmer, or whether you harvest from your back yard garden, deck tubs, or a million dollar plantation. Nothing will beat the combination of orange pumpkin in a creamy filling with the rich flavor of chocolate. The layering is also very attractive, so be sure to cut pieces out and set them on plates so every one can admire your handiwork in the kitchen.

Try this cake this year at your Harvest celebration, whenever you have it. It will help to celebrate the friendships, your family, and all the things that are important to you in your life this year. Enjoy this recipe soon.

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