Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

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This is a very special dessert recipe that will take plenty of time and lots of labor to construct. And it is worth every minute you spend on it to produce this fabulous Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. And it is served with a praline chocolate crunch that you serve with it. The trick to make this cake turn out as beautifully as the photos illustrate it can be (on the web site—check it out) is to go slowly with each step, add each layer leaving plenty of time between layers for each one to firm up, and simply not rush what you are doing.

The layers include the chocolate cake, the hazelnut layer, the mousse layer, and of course, the chocolate praline crunch. Each layer is fabulous on its own, and even more wonderful served together. Try not to eat a layer before it gets put on the cake (that is harder than you might think). Do not skip steps such as toasting the hazelnuts. In this terrific recipe, every aspect of the cake contributes to its over all flavor. That includes brushing the cake with brandy, as you will read in the cake step.

This is a very special cake that will take time, care and energy to put together. Make it on a day when you have the time to spend. And if you are planning to share it with guests, make the cake one day ahead of their visit. This cake can easily sit in the fridge for 24 hours without losing any flavor from it. In fact, the time in the fridge will likely improve its flavor and consistency. As the web site recommends, take the cake out of the fridge and let it sit awhile (up to one hour, depending on how chilled the cake is, and how cold or warm your kitchen is) before you serve it to your family and guests. They will be impressed with your culinary skills when you produce this showstopper.

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