Chocolate Italian Love Cake

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The name of this chocolate cake recipe alone is enough to get you into the car and on your way to the market to pick up the ingredients to make this wonderful Chocolate Italian Love Cake recipe. This one of many yummy chocolate cake recipes on the internet. There is something to be said for a title and this one proves it. Lisa, a stay at home mother of four and a happy baker, offers up this great cake chocolate cake recipe from Flour Me With Love. Take some time and you will be pleasantly surprised on how easy she makes this recipe and how magical it is.Lisa will turn you into a magician of sorts. Get a friend and show them your mastering of the kitchen and the way you can make the ingredients change places while cooking. You ask, “how is that done?” Patience my friends and it will be revealed.

Chocolate Cake recipes are almost always welcomed with smiles and anticipation and this one literally takes the cake when it comes to chocolate cake recipes. Easy to get ingredients and simplicity are the keys to making this chocolate cake recipe and the decadence of the flavors add to the surprise for your diners when they find out how easy it is to create a masterpiece. Most of the time when you hear about Italian cake recipes the first to jump out is the delectable Tiramisu. Yes that is a classic but this easy to make cake recipe will make you feel like a master baker with little effort. The magic comes out in the first baking stage. The cake batter starts out on the bottom of the pan and the ricotta on top. While it bakes the magical transformation begins. The batter of this chocolate cake recipe ends up on top of the ricotta. Truly inspiring.

Chocolate fudge cake mix bought at most supermarkets is one of the main ingredients and makes this chocolate cake recipe a breeze to make and takes much of the guess work out of how much of this and how much of that to add. Most bakers will tell you that is the toughest part of baking, getting the right portions of flour and sugar. When eating desserts, why not choose higher quality ingredients to make just that bit healthier? Lisa takes us to Italy without the airfare. This wonderful Chocolate Italian Love Cake recipe will have you feeling like you are in a little cozy Italian café with Sole Mio playing in the background and your heart a flutter.

Nutrition Facts of the Chocolate Italian Love Cake from Flour Me With Love> * The nutrition analysis has been calculated based on 16 servings
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie * Using Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix* Per serving: Calories 438, Calories from Fat 219, Total Fat 24.3g 37%, Saturated Fat 12.2g 61%, Cholesterol 134mg 45%, Sodium 561mg 23%, Potassium 121mg 3%, Carbohydrates , Calcium 23% ,Iron 10%
Nutrition Summary
The positive nutrition points from this chocolate cake recipe is that it provides 23% of your daily calcium needs from the dairy products. The negative points about this recipe is that it is high in saturated fat and high in sugar. This recipe is not one of the diabetic dessert recipes that should be eaten too much, so if you do make this chocolate cake recipe be sure to only eat in moderation and include plenty of green vegetables and exercise in your day to help regular blood sugar.

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