Chocolate Layer Bars

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This Chocolate Layer Bars recipe offers you a layer of yummy chocolate sandwiched between cookie bar mixture on both top and bottom of the bars. So a sort of chocolate sandwich with vanilla on the top and the bottom. There are plenty of yummy ingredients in this dish to make it something that you can feel fairly good about feeding to the kids as a snack food.

First, there is cream cheese included in the vanilla sandwich (top and bottom) part of these Chocolate Layer Bars. Cream cheese is a dairy product, and like all dairy products, provides plenty of important nutrition that supports our good health. Cream cheese contains magnesium, calcium and phosphorous all of which are important nutrients that help build strong bones and teeth. As well, cream cheese is a good source of protein and to a lesser extent, a good source of fats, which are important to help fill kids up. Another great ingredient in theses Chocolate Layer Bars is the walnuts. Walnuts are perhaps the most nutritious of all nuts, although all nuts and seeds (or at least most of them) are very nutritious and should be part of every person’s food plan. Walnuts are full of good fats, the monounsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol and keep us in good health. They are also chock full of vitamins and minerals. Most of the phenols that are the most important part of the walnut are found in the skin, that rather bitter and dry part of the walnut. So be sure to eat walnuts whole when you can and eat the thin outer skin along with the nut. As well, walnuts are grown in the USA, so when you eat them, you are likely supporting a producer in North America, which is good to know.

You can also use 70 percent cocoa chocolate chips in this bar recipe and bump up the nutrition of this dish with the chocolate as well. Chocolate contains more anti-oxidants than any other food. It can help lower cholesterol, protect your heart, provide you with fiber, and plenty of minerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese, and many others besides the ones listed here.

So enjoy this dish and know that you are providing good nutrition as well as a sweet snack to the kids. One last bit of good news is that the walnuts will also slow the absorption of the sugar that is part of this chocolate layer bar recipe. And that means that the sugar spike that can accompany too much sugar ingestion will be at least partially offset by that good ingredient. Enjoy this dish soon. You know your family will love it whenever you make some of these Chocolate Layer Bars for them.

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