Chocolate Magic Custard Cake

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Enjoy this Chocolate Magic Custard Cake recipe, and see just how great a chocolate filling can be inside a chocolate cake. This chocolate cake recipe is also a simple one that uses eggs rather than flour to bind it together and bring a really unique flavor. As well, the cake recipe is sprinkled with icing sugar once it is done, which gives this cake a very unique look. You can see just how pretty it is on the site, Give Recipe, which has the recipe and the how to instructions for making this custard cake recipe.

This cake recipe is not for the faint of heart. It is a recipe that is geared towards a more experienced cook. That is because the mixing and blending of egg whites is critical to the good outcome of this cake recipe. So do not leave this cake recipe to your new baker, but make it with him or her as you oversee what happens and when. If you have some experience with separating eggs in to the whites and the yolks as well as whipping egg whites to the proper consistency for a cake recipe such as this one you will see what the challenges could be for a custard cake recipe such as this one. It is not too difficult, but does require some skill in the cake making and baking department.

This is a lovely cake that is rich, moist, dark and delicious. The eggy flavor will come out in this cake against the chocolate, and give the custard cake a wonderful lightness and moistness that is often absent from cakes that are loaded with flour. Although this recipe does call on you to use flour in the mixture, there is not a lot of it in the custard cake. So, if you have friends or family who are somewhat sensitive to gluten, this might be a possible recipe that they could eat. Some people cannot eat any food that contains any amount of gluten, but others can enjoy some gluten. This dessert might be suitable towards that group of people. Try this recipe out soon; it is a bit of a challenging one to get the separation of the eggs right and the beating of the egg whites to the right consistency. However, it is not so difficult that most bakers with just some experience could not attempt this lovely variation on a chocolate cake. And the result will be a very moist and delicious result which, when served with the icing sugar sprinkle as illustrated on the site, will bring people to the table in good order so they can taste this unique dessert. Enjoy this custard cake soon.

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