Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

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If you have never heard of using mayonnaise in a cake before, you might think that that is a pretty gross idea, but once you try this recipe for Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake, you will be so surprised and delighted to find that it isn't at all weird or gross. I remember my grandmother making a chocolate cake and told us there was mayonnaise in it after we had tried it out, and honestly I couldn't even taste it! You might think that you would be able to taste it, but when it is mixed with the sugar and the cocoa and other ingredients, you really don't taste it at all!

This cake is great, because it doesn't call for any eggs or any oil, because, you guessed it, the eggs and oil are already in the mayonnaise giving it all of the moisture it needs! The author over at The Country Cook also assures us that the coffee that is put into the cake won't be a prominent flavour of the cake either, it is just there to make the chocolate flavour a touch richer. It makes sense, and it would add a lot to the chocolate when you think about it. But you can leave it out too if you like.

Using mayonnaise in cakes goes back to the great depression around World War II, when things like eggs and oil were very expensive and people just couldn't really afford them. But in your mayonnaise, you have all of the perfect ingredients for a nice moist cake, so they started to use a cup of it in place of the oil and the eggs! How smart and resourceful! It is also really easy to make your own mayonnaise these days, if you want an all natural option. This cake looks delicious! Head over to 'The Country Cook' by following the link in the section below for the recipe to try it out yourself!

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