Chocolate Nana Butter Pie

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Make this Chocolate Nana Butter Pie and serve your family plenty of good nutrition along with a great dessert for supper tonight. This recipe loads plenty of goodness with its use of bananas, peanut butter, and cream cheese. These ingredients also pack a real flavor punch, especially with the addition of two (yup, not one, but two) varieties of chocolate. Of course, it has plenty of sugar and fats, but that, in part, is what eating sweets is all about, right? A bit of indulgence now and then is part of what being alive wonderful!

Bananas are a wonderful fruit. As they ripen, their flavor both intensifies and mellows, so use the ripest bananas you have around to bake with. If you have bananas that are not being eaten, freeze them. Frozen bananas can be used interchangeably for ripe, fresh bananas. If they are too wet when you thaw the bananas out, simply pour off the excess liquid and use them as usual. Peanut butter is another great food, loaded with good protein, good fats, lots of vitamins such as vitamin E, and plenty of other good nutrition. Use real peanut butter that does not add anything else such as sugar to the peanuts for maximum nutritional impact. Cream cheese also adds protein, calcium and magnesium. Organic cream cheese tastes substantially better than non-organic, and cheap cream cheese is not worth the money you spend on it. So consider a higher end cream cheese for best results and maximum health benefits.

You could think that making something as yummy as Chocolate Nana Butter Pie is just about the sugar and butter, but that is not the case at all. Many desserts that incorporate fruit, nuts, eggs, cheeses, and other great ingredients offer plenty of nutrition that you can be glad to feed your family. Enjoy this dessert soon.

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