Chocolate No Bake Cookies

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Here is a quick and easy recipe to make Chocolate No Bake Cookies. These cookies are no bake, but they do take some time on the stovetop. They are the classic chocolate and coconut variety that we all loved as kids, and kids still love today. Kids can make them, too, with just a bit of help at the stove. The recipe is so easy and such fun and the kids will come up with all kinds of crazy things to add in, in addition to what the recipe calls for. Your task, in large part, will be to hold them back from putting in every thing including the kitchen sink!

These cookies make up in just a few minutes, really, and are ready as soon as they are cool to eat. You might prefer them a bit more chilled, as cooling always helps to cut the sweetness, and these are very sweet indeed. The texture is great with the coconut, and it is always yummy to chew the coconut as the chocolate melts in your mouth. That is the appeal as a kid, and it continues right through to adult hood. This is a heavy sugar dish, but fortunately, it is made with oatmeal. There are two things to notice here. First, the oatmeal replaces flour, and so these cookies are good for kids who cannot eat gluten. Second, oatmeal is a power food, and something you want to get your kids to eat often. This recipe is a great way to get this super food in to their tummies without a fight. And the oatmeal tastes great with the chocolate and coconut.

Make a big batch when you put these Chocolate No Bake Cookies together with the kids. Freeze some of them, and pull them out just a few at a time for a special treat. The kids will love them, and you can be glad of the nutritional boost they are getting from the oatmeal.

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