Chocolate PB Banana Upside Down Cake

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This recipe offers an intriguing variation on the usual banana cake or bread in its Chocolate PB Banana Upside Down Cake. To translate the title of the recipe, bananas, blended with some sweet ingredients, are put on the bottom of the pan where dollops of chunky peanut butter are also added in. This creates a caramel like base with the rich flavor of banana and peanut butter. Using the chunky peanut butter means that there is also a bit of crunch. Like the idea of crunch? Sprinkle more peanuts on the banana peanut butter blend before pouring the batter on top.

This is a really interesting cake and a fun twist on the usual upside down cake of pineapples or peaches. Here the light caramel color of peanut butter offers an attractive contrast to the dark chocolate of the cake. The bottom serves up with a creamy type of topping that serves as a sort of frosting to the cake, similar to when you flip a pineapple upside down cake over. So no additional frostings or glazes are needed. Of course, you might want to serve it warm with whipped cream or ice cream, but that is your call.

This dish might need a few minutes to read over. The photos are really helpful, and the instructions are clear and straightforward, but you might want to be sure you have all the steps in place. The butter, for instance, is used in two places and you want to be sure you divide it correctly. Be sure to use well ripened bananas for best flavor. Buy bananas when they are in season and cheap, then freeze a few dozen for use whenever you need them. They are a great fruit for plenty of fabulous recipes such as this one. Try it soon and see how your family enjoys it.

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