Chocolate Scotcheroos

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This snack is finger licking yummy, chewy and gooey. Make these Chocolate Scotcheroos for your kids. They love things that are rich, sweet, chewy and gooey, and they will get that in spades with these Chocolate Scotcheroos. So make them up when your kids are on the run, and need some sugar to get them going and through a too busy day.

These Chocolate Scotcheroos are about as easy as a recipe can get. The kids could make them, themselves, if you thought they would not eat the various ingredients before it all got mixed and pressed into a pan! This is a treat that is made in layers. The bottom layer is the crunchy and chewy part that is quite similar to marshmallows, and then this layer is topped with peanut butter and chocolate. Choose a high quality peanut butter, one that has no added sugar of salt. Peanut butter is a great snack food for kids, filling and delicious, as well as adding plenty of good nutrition in to their diet. So if you are trying to get the kids through the day, consider adding a good peanut butter to this dish. Add one that is crunchy, if you like. Also use dark chocolate for the chocolate in this recipe to also bump up the nutritional aspect of the snack.

This is a great snack that kids will love (big and small alike). Make a big batch and freeze some of them so you can take them out on days when you want to have treats available. If the kids help to make this snack, be sure to have plenty of every ingredient. You just know little fingers will sneak big bites as they help you out. This snack is sweet, crunchy, chocolate-y and peanut rich. What could taste better?

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