Chocolate Snacking Cake

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Do you love chocolate cake, but also want to stay healthy? Try out this Healthier Chocolate Snacking Cake! Sometimes it is hard to find recipes that are healthy, especially in the dessert department. Then when you find one, it usually isn't that great tasting... But there are some recipes out there that taste good and are fairly healthy, and this is one of them! Allie, the author of the food blog, Baking a Moment, used to be a pastry chef, but now is a stay at home mom and a food blogger who takes the time out of her busy schedule to write up recipes like this one, to share with all of us!

She came up with this awesome chocolate cake that has less sugar, and good stuff like grains, applesauce and yogurt in it. Instead of using the whole amount of sugar, she uses half, and then adds in maple syrup as a substitute. The oil in the cake is even coconut oil, which is actually really good for you, and the greek yogurt is great because it adds the denseness to the cake. You could make it even healthier, by putting in cacao powder instead of cocoa powder. Is there even a difference you might ask? Yes, there is. Cacao powder is the unrefined version of cocoa powder, which still has all of the nutrients from the cacao seed, which is super rich in magnesium, the processed cocoa, still has some, but it has been heated usually and this breaks down some of the nutrients.

This would be a great cake to have for a week night or lunch time dessert, as she has shown here, how she put it in her kid's lunches. She said her kids and husband actually went crazy over the cake! So that is a good sign! Head over to 'Baking A Moment' by following the link in the section below for more!

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