Chocolate Snickers Mug Cake

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Cakes made this way such as this Chocolate Snickers Mug Cake is a fun way to brighten up a dreary, cold and rainy afternoon. Surprise your family with this easy recipe and make the day better. These little cakes are blended right in a mug and serve up warm and yummy. You can put any number of toppings and sauces on them, as you prefer. Even better, each person can put his or her favorites on top. That’s what is nice about a custom single serving dish.

This is an entirely made from scratch cake that gets a bit of a bump from the addition of snickers. Snickers are a fabulous chocolate bar that contains nuts, chewy filling and chocolate, much like a Mars bar, but with nuts. This cake is so easy and quick to make, and bakes up in just a few minutes. Do be sure that the container you use can be put in to the microwave. And check the cake when it comes out that the outside is not too hot for little hands to hold.

This is a wonderful single serving cake to make on days that are boring and bland. Spice it up with a mug cake, and especially this one with the snickers bits in it. It can create some really special time with your kids and family. This recipe is not likely easy enough for your bakers to attempt on their own. It does take a bit of skill to make the cake and put just the right amount of batter in to each mug, and so on. But little hands can help add the snickers bars, and at the very end, as an extra special addition, little helpers could pop a marshmallow on top. Then return the dish to the microwave for just a few seconds, and voila! A quick and pretty topping to make the day seem quite extraordinary. Try this dish soon.

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